Social Media Management

Forget the tech talk and algorithm for a sec and let’s simplify why you need social media marketing and why we’re the team to manage yours.


You run a business

Your business needs revenue and that revenue comes from people who know you, trust you and like you enough to spend their money with you


You need their attention and with 18 million Australians spending at least 2hrs a day on social media, you need to be where your customers are.


Paragon Collective manages beyond the aesthetics, our content creation is analytically driven with your goals at the centre of everything we do. We include brand strategy, content creation and curation, caption writing, scheduling, hashtag, community management and regular reporting so you can see in real-time how social media is supporting your business.


Our management service requires a 3 month commitment because we believe in long-term customer relationships and results. No shortcuts or ‘fad social media trends,’ consistent, strategic and creative social media management.


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